Blue Wave Waterslide

18 Ft tall water slide, climb up on the left side and slide down on the right side into a pool with about 1 ft deep of water.  Sprinkler hose attached to the top of the slide, sprays water and keeps the slide surface wet for lots of fun sliding.


Call about extra hour and all day pricing.

Blue Wave Waterslide

  • Blowers: 1
    Max. Player Weight: 250 lbs.
    Dimensions: 27’L x 10’W x 18’H
    Weight: 350 lbs.

  • Private Rates consists of Birthday Party or Family Reunions and is located at your residence or other location and is not open to the public.


    Commercial Rates consists of any gathering where it is more than just a individual family and the community is invited.  Commercial Rates include operators to stay on site and manage Rides during the event.  Events include but not limited to: City and County events, Company Parties and Grand Openings, School, Scouting & Church Events, Block parties & Weddings.